PicMonkey Collageyear of play

Play is vital, and not just to children! On this page you will find articles, tips, and fun ideas to help celebrate our year of play!


Check out this fabulous page The ABC’s of Learning Through Play: Everything you need to know about Playful Learning!

Ten Things Every Parent Should Know About Play  

As the holiday season is upon us which can mean less time to spend with your children. Check out these great ideas on incorporating art into your busy schedule!

In Praise of Play : Check out this article by the Huffington Post

The floor is your child’s best first playground! Think about how much time your child spends in a car seat, a high chair, a swing, a stroller, etc. Children need to be able to move their bodies to learn!!!

Halloween is all about the imagination! (ok and candy!) Whether they choose to be a superhero or a princess, it’s a great chance to be anything you want! Encourage and join in our your child’s pretend play!


Winter brings more than just snow and cold – it can also bring boredom as well as safety issues. Check out these winter play tips!